Alexa Frank

DETAILS: I LOVE coloring. Balayage, bright fashion colors, all over colors, all of it!

PERSONAL STYLE: I don’t like anything mainstream. If nobody else will wear it, chances are that I will! I love unique clothing items.

MOTTO: “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” – Chuck Swindoll

WHY SILO: Aveda has my heart and soul. The stylists we have are so great and we have a super modern vibe in the salon.


Matt Frank

DETAILS: I love sharing my passion and educating people about their hair. I'm not afraid to have an honest conversation for the sake of keeping someone's hair healthy. I'm all about fresh cut and colors!

PERSONAL STYLE: I love my black and whites.

MOTTO: “Most people need love and acceptance more than they need advice.” – Bob Goff

WHY SILO: It's great to be in the heart of our community with Silo's location. Plus we use Aveda color and products that helps promote healthy hair all while being environmentally friendly.


Carley Nygaard

DETAILS: I enjoy working with different colors and new techniques.

PERSONAL STYLE: Fashionable but still casual.

MOTTO: "Keeping a smile on each and every guest and having them feel 100% when they walk out the door is my inspiration."

WHY SILO: It’s a great place to work and is very welcoming to new guests. We love to keep up with new styles and education!


Ciera Zahn

DETAILS: I love cutting long hair and doing new modern colors.

PERSONAL STYLE: Up to date and unique.

MOTTO “Life is too short to have boring hair!”

WHY SILO: I chose to work at Silo because I saw how successful the stylists here are and I wanted that for myself as well.


Bri Mclaughlin

DETAILS: Blowouts and color.

PERSONAL STYLE: Grunge meets chic.

MOTTO: “Dream big, worry less, and live more.”

WHY SILO: I chose to work at Silo because I wanted to work closely with Aveda products and have always loved how natural and versatile Aveda lets me be. I also love the environment I work in and the employees I work with.


Mariah Enderson

DETAILS: I get too excited about learning new things and I'm always up for something to challenge my skills. Bring on the trendy cuts and spicy colors!

PERSONAL STYLE: Boho grandma with an edgy spin. You'll never see me without my specs.

MOTTO: “Seek to be worth knowing rather than being well known.”

WHY SILO: Matt and Alexa are truly the greatest people to work for and we are one of the few salons in the area to work with Aveda products...need I say more??


Brooklynn Zachmann

DETAILS: There isn't anything I don't love about the cosmetology industry, but makeup is my absolute favorite. I love seeing the power of makeup and how it can transform a person.

PERSONAL STYLE: Casual and classic with lots of accessories.

MOTTO: “Pray big, worry small.”

WHY SILO: I love what SILO stands for (serving in loving others) and I don't think it could be more true. The people at SILO are truly kind hearted and I love working beside them all day.


TreAna Horner

DETAILS: Aveda has always been a part of my life! I enjoy teaching each guest how to style their hair at home and how to use the right products to do so. Braiding, styling, and edgy cuts make my heart race! I love doing make up for all occasions.

PERSONAL STYLE: Urban, exotic, boho.

MOTTO: "No one is you and that is your power!"

WHY SILO: Silo Salon not only cares about each guest in their chairs but also their stylists. Matt and Alexa are great people to work for. They are always bringing in education for us. Every stylist has their own unique twist, which makes the atmosphere fun and trendy to work for.


Annie Gress 

DETAILS: I love Aveda! Makeup, products, and wellness make it the best trifecta.

PERSONAL STYLE: I enjoy fashion! I love that one day you can dress in one style and the next you can dress in another!

MOTTO: “We did not inherit the earth but we are borrowing it from our children.”

WHY SILO: I love the fun atmosphere and the people! It's always a good time!


Dorinda Wagner

DETAILS: I love colors and cuts.

PERSONAL STYLE: Business, classic, and modern.

MOTTO: "Be kind, always!"

WHY SILO: I love Aveda & Paul Mitchell products and working with our great team.


Amanda Beutler

DETAILS: Colors and short to medium haircuts.

PERSONAL STYLE: Comfy and classic.

MOTTO: "The happiest people are the ones that make others happy."

WHY SILO: I enjoy working at Silo because of the awesome guests that come see us and because of the people I get to work with.


Karen Farstad

DETAILS: Cutting and coloring naturally curly or fine hair.

PERSONAL STYLE: Classic and natural.

MOTTO: “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” - Denis Waitley

WHY SILO: Silo is a great location and we carry Aveda products and hair color. I also like working for a local small business owner.


My Nguyen

DETAILS: Curly and thick hair. I enjoy coloring and cutting. I like to incorporate details I see in animations into my work.

PERSONAL STYLE: Classic and elegant.

MOTTO: “Be grateful and happy.”

WHY SILO: Silo is like my home away from home!